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CA Structure

Cocaine Anonymous (C.A.) operates without a formal or political structure, lacking governing officers, rules, regulations, dues, or fees. However, the Fellowship recognizes the importance of providing services to addicts worldwide. C.A. World Services serves as the main service body and is based in Los Angeles, California. They handle inquiries, maintain communication with local groups and individuals seeking information on recovery, and are responsible for the production and distribution of C.A. Conference-approved literature and chips.

The World Service Office operates under the guidance of the Board of Directors, who are accountable to the World Service Board of Trustees. The Trustees act as custodians of C.A.’s Traditions and make decisions affecting the Fellowship as a whole. They, in turn, are accountable to the World Service Conference.

The World Service Conference convenes annually and represents the entire Fellowship. Delegates from recognized C.A. areas, along with Trustees and the World Service Office Board, discuss matters that impact the Fellowship. Their focus includes spreading the message of recovery beyond C.A. meeting rooms through literature, outreach to hospitals and institutions, public information efforts, conventions, and unity. Internal committees address the Fellowship’s functioning, such as finance, structure, by-laws, and the Conference itself. C.A.’s service structure is built upon the principle of the 9th Tradition, allowing the creation of service boards or committees accountable to those they serve while maintaining a non-organized approach.

Rotating responsibility is a fundamental practice in C.A.’s service positions. Local group positions are rotated through group votes, representatives to the local service organization are selected based on the group’s schedule, and officers within the service organization are elected in accordance with the group’s conscience.

C.A. adheres to Tradition Six, maintaining a stance of non-alignment with any religious sect, denomination, political group, organization, or institution.