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Before contacting us using the information after the FAQ section please read some of the common questions that we receive.

Do you speak both English and Romanian?

Our helpline and email are manned by English speakers only. However please contact us directly via email, text, or the contact form and we can arrange for someone to contact you in Romanian.

Are there any Romanian-speaking CA meetings?

Unfortunately not yet however please still get in touch. We can arrange for a translator at the meeting or we can point you in the direction of Romanian-speaking recovery communities.

I need immediate assistance what should I do?

If you have an immediate medical situation you should contact a local hospital and seek help from a professional service. If you think you may have a problem with a mood or mind-altering substance and you would like to stop then please contact the helpline, email us, or attend the nearest meeting. We are a group of recovering addicts who have found a way to stay clean and sober and not medical professionals.

I am only visiting Bucharest but would like to go to a meeting, am I able to attend?

Yes absolutely! We are currently all based in Bucharest and please feel free to give us a call on the helpline or drop us an email if you would like to meet up outwith the meeting for a coffee and fellowship. We understand that sometimes the meeting does not fit in with everyone’s travel arrangements.

Are there any other 12-step fellowships in Bucharest that have English meetings?

Yes, you can contact our friends at AA Bucharest. The recovery community is small and since there are very few meetings available many of our members attend both CA and AA. People may find this strange that we list another fellowship however both English-speaking fellowships have voted on this in regards to listing each other’s meetings on their website and believe that a meeting is a meeting. You will be made welcome to either!

I have a problem with something other than Cocaine?

If you have a problem with ANY mood or mind-altering substance and wish to stop you are welcome. Cocaine Annonymous is a non-drug-specific fellowship even though our name might sound otherwise. Many of our members only drank, some only smoked, others only injected or snorted, and some were all of these. Whatever your problem if you have the desire to stop you are welcome through the doors or Zoom meeting of Cocaine Anonymous.

Can I join a meeting online?

Yes, our meetings are currently all hybrid meetings and you can join from anywhere in Romania or the world. For the Zoom login details please go to the meetings section of the website and click on the meeting to find the Zoom details.


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The email and helpline are manned by volunteers who are members of Cocaine Anonymous Romania. For email we may take up to 3-5 working days to respond.